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Perth Writers Festival -- I'm going to Australia!

The delightful people at The Perth Writers Festival have invited me to be one of their guests this year. They probably did so because I'm about the only Irishman left in the world who has yet to visit Australia. They figure I need to get out and about more. And they're right! I've never come close to crossing the equator, but from 23-26 February, I'll be strutting around Perth with a big smile on my face...
And after? Straight home again for young Peadar?
Well, no. I'll be staying down under at least another week and plan to make visits to a few cities in the East. Sydney and Brisbane for sure. Maybe one other. I want to sign some books and do a reading or two if the chance presents itself. But nothing has been organized just yet...
So, there you have it. As so many have before me, I'm off to see the wizard. It would be great to meet a few non-fictional Australians while I'm at it :)

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