peadarog (peadarog) wrote,

A Very Brief Launch Retrospective

A quick post here just to say thanks to everybody who came to the launch of The Call, especially, of course, Oisín McGann, Bella Pearson, Declan from Gill Hess and the fantastic crew of Department 51 in Eason.

But just as especially to everyone else! You made it a wonderful night whose memory I cherish to this very day ;)

Some of you travelled far. Some braved parking at rush hour in Dublin. Others brought chocolates and children to entertain and delight.

I apologise for the names I fluffed. Anybody who has known me long is aware how terrible I am with names and faces. I'd like to say I'll do better in future, but over time, it's the opposite that happens.

Take care, one and all!

Tags: news, the call
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