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The Call goes on Sale TODAY in North America -- plus miscellaneous

Holy Moly! Today is the day that friends from Alaska to Florida, from Newfoundland to California to Hawaii can finally purchase my new book, The Call. I am utterly grateful to anybody who does so. I can keep going at this game only because of the support of so many fine people in all parts of the world.

I'm also thankful to the army of reviewers and bloggers who took the time to do write-ups. There's a definite buzz in the air as a result of their hard work...

And, of course, we can't forget the staff at my publishers -- DFB in the UK, and Scholastic in the US. I blow kisses in all your many general directions and make absolutely no obscene gestures, not even behind my back or under the table!

The launch for the rest of the English-speaking world comes in two days...


A sample of the audio book can be listened to here.


A few new reviews came in today. Bart's Bookshelf gave The Call 5/5. Hurray for that!
The Blonde Bookworm says "I picked up the book one time and I never put it down again. It. Was. Awesome! Seriously, everyone needs to give this book a try."

On the other hand, I got my first 1* review on today. Not for issues of quality, but because the woman was appalled by it and didn't want her grandchildren reading it. Some you win and some you lose...


As part of my continuing blog tour for the release of the book, Howling Reviews allowed me to post a little article about Irish folklore and legends and how they relate to my novel. I really enjoyed doing that one!


It's happening on Thursday 1 September at 6:30pm in Eason on O'Connell Street, Dublin. Nibbles will be provided. Speeches will be short. Books will be plentiful with several authors on hand happy to provide signatures. ALL are welcome.

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