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Oh, yes, it's been a while. You're right to sneer at me as I get down on my knees and swear that this time it will be better, that I'll blog more often and never fail you again. But we both know different, don't we? Still, this is just who I am and you knew that when you first befriended me, even though everybody said I was no good.

But despite all rumours to the contrary, I have taken time out of my busy schedule to entertain myself.


What I'm reading right now, is portentious and endless and dull. So, I won't talk about that here today. However, I do have a few books by friends of mine on my TBR that I plan to get around to in August or September, and I'm pretty excited about them.

First up, is a book I'm saving for my next plane trip. It's Spiderlight by Adrian Tchaikovsky. The last few novels of his that I read were real page-turning, world-shattering stunners. Exactly the sort of thing to pass a dull journey with.

Following that, I have Gabrielle Harbowy's Hellmaw: Of the Essence. Gabrielle has been an excellent editor to me in the past, so I have faith that this will be great.

Finally, my TitanCon buddy Jo Zebedee is invading, blowing up and generally, smashing Belfast in her novel, Inish Carraig. It'll make a great change from seeing the Statue of Liberty getting knocked over for the 100th time :) The book is apparently doing really well, so, late to this party as always, I'm going to grab a piece of the action for myself.


In brief:
1) Versailles was terrible. Made it halfway through episode 5 before the writing threw me out for the last time. Yes, yes, the warnings were there in episode 1, but I kept glimpsing what I thought were hidden depths. They were depths, all right.

2) Third Season of Bojack Horseman was fun, but well short of an incredible Season 2, IMHO.

3) I enjoyed the Netflix documentary series, Last Chance U about a school that takes in hugely talented American Football players who have so far failed to make a splash in the big leagues. Their talent is amazing, but so is their total lack of self-esteem. Interesting, sad and hopeful, with some spectacular goings-on during the season.


READINGS -- which seems to be an association of Australian independent Booksellers, has put up an entire page containing nothing but absolutely gorgeous reviews of my forthcoming novel, The Call. I'm definitely bookmarking it to read again and again for when I'm having bad days in the future. I really, really appreciate it.

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