February 27th, 2016


Watching, Reading, Conning

I've just returned from America, a country so tough that even one of their apples broke a tooth on me. But I met some people there that made the loss of a mere molar trifling indeed!

And what have I been up to since my return with magic in my eyes? Reading, of course. Watching, indeed.


As expected, I greatly enjoyed Adrian Tchaikovsky's The Tiger and the Wolf. Many of you will too. He achieves that wonderful trick that Bernard Cornwall got so right in his Winter King trilogy, of making the divine seem both real and delusionary all at the same time. The characters believe it. The readers believe it. But there's very little actual evidence for the miracles we witness.

The book is set in a world where bronze is just starting to give way to iron and where every single human being has the power to shape shift into the spirit animal of their tribe. Tchaikovsky -- or, as I call him, Adrian -- takes full advantage of this, filling every action scene with tactics based on both human and animal abilities.

The characters are great. Emotions? Yes! Moral dilemmas? For sure. Complex relationships? You will find them here.

But as with people, so with books: when I've used them up, taken the best from them, I move right on, whistling and skipping, with a song in my heart.

Up next is the Boskone anthology, The Grimm Future, in which I have a story of my very own. As you might guess from the title, the tales within are based on those collected by the brothers Grimm.

Halfway through, it's been fun so far. Atmospheric. There are lots of... forests. Giants.

More soon.


Just a quick note to say... Better Call Saul. Seriously, one of current TV's most loveable and pitiful characters. Slyly funny. Ridiculous. I'm glad Netflix are only releasing one a week, or I'd have the whole thing watched already and be pining for more.