peadarog (peadarog) wrote,

Free Ebook of Previously Published Perfection

 Now that The Deserter is officially on sale -- at least over here! -- I'd like to announce a brand-new bribe. Yes, it's a 100% free ebook containing previously published works by the delicious Peadar Ó Guilín. That would be me.

Download it as often as you like! Pass it on to friends, to enemies, to the barely literate creature that is even now evolving from the scum in your bathroom. Free can be more than just a word.

Kindle users: get it here.

Epub lovers: grab it now.

PDFers? At last! It has arrived!
Just a reminder: the cover is by Darren Morrison and the ebook wizardry is by hatgirl . All mistakes are by me.

Tags: ebooks, short stories, the deserter
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