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Hurray and with much excellence... Here then, is where I will be found during the joyous festival that is EasterCon. Who's going?





Friday 7pm Conservatory "Genre Get-Together: Fantasy" Participant" Confirmed
Meet authors and get books signed!
Sunday 2pm Boardroom "Forgotten TV SF of 2015" Panellist" Confirmed
Television is pumping out genre shows faster than ever, and many are gone in one season or less. Dev Agarwal, Emma England, Roz Kaveney, Ian McKenna and Peadar O’Guilín discuss recent shows and try to work out which ones will make it to syndication and which ones will, sadly, be forgotten by 2015. They may even try to divine the minds of TV executives.
Sunday 3:30pm Boardroom "The British Character" Panellist" Confirmed
Stiff upper lip, everybody! Our panel take a reserved and stoical look at the British Character and how it shaped our science fiction and fantasy. No humour tolerated. With Peter Harrow, Fran Dowd, Mark Meenan, Peadar O’Guilin and David Wake.
Sunday 8pm Main "Sex in Young Adult Literature" Panellist" Confirmed
In the west, we now live in a highly sexualised culture and teenagers are surrounded with images, ideas and expectations about sex. YA SFF presents challenging ideas about race, society and culture yet often offers a rose-tinted version of life-long love and relationships. Is honesty about sex the last frontier in YA? What do readers what and what difficulties and barriers do writers face in writing truthfully about sex for teenage readers? Anne Wilson moderates Janet Edwards, Rhodri James, Rochita Loenen-Ruiz and Peader O’Guilin.

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