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Fairy Gold Makes the List; The Coldest War


Well, hurray for me, anyway.

That most venerable organ of short-story reviews, Tangent Online, has put together a list of their favorite stories of 2012. My own Fairy Gold made it right into the top bracket. Yes, I am pleased. No, I am not displeased.

You can buy a copy of the magazine that published Fairy Gold here.


One of my own top reads of last year, was Ian Tregellis' Bitter Seeds, an alternate history of the Second World War that lives up to its title and subverts early expectations. I've just completed the sequel, The Coldest War, which was almost as enjoyable as the first book and which has a perfect ending.

It ties the story up in a neat little bow so that no further sequels are necessary, but, at the same time, it sets itself up in such a way that the expected sequel will be very welcome when it comes in April. All hail!

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