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Reading Gardner Dozois' The Year's Best Science Fiction 29. Normally, I don't find much to enjoy in these collections, as my personal taste is way out of step with the editor's. However, there have been a few really good stories so far and one piece of absolute magic from Michael Swanwick. Why the Americans have not bowed down before this man and made of him a God, I'll never know.

Anyway, check the story out for yourself -- it's free on tor.com!


I've seen two episodes of the SyFy channel's Continuum. Why? you ask, bewildered, disappointed in me. 

It looks like the usual crap -- ridiculously attractive protagonist takes down "bad guys" in one thinly-plotted episode after another. Heck it *is* the usual crap. The story follows a future super-cop in her pursuit of terrorists back through time to the current day. Here, she must fight to stop them changing the future to their own advantage.

Sounds awful, right?

Except... except... The good-girl cop is protecting a corporate dictatorship from bat-shit evil murderers who are fighting to restore democracy. The cop, in our time, keeps reassuring her geek ally, "Don't worry, I know how it all turns out," and he has no idea that she means dictatorship.

I can't help being intrigued. Will she see the error of her ways? Or is the show a trojan horse trying to convince the viewers that a Corporate Dicatorship would be great for all? I need to keep watching.


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