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Drive-by Deliciously Reviewy Goodness

I'm itching to do some bragging, so, let's just get it over with.

1) Lovely little review of The Call in British newspaper "i". They said, among other things that it was "a fabulous book". Hurray!

2) For the first time in my life, one of my works has over a 1000 reviews on Goodreads -- 70% are 4 or 5 stars. Although, 20 people out there gave me the 1 star treatment. So, you may be taking a bit of a risk...

3) Scholastic sent me a copy of the US Entertainment Weekly magazine that has a full-page ad for The Call in it. Wow. When this is all over, I won't be able to complain that my publishers never did anything for me.


This weekend, I got to take part in both Octocon aaaand, DeptCon2. Both were incredible. I'll pipe in with more details on these next week, but for now, I want the organisers to know that they bask in my praise like great sharks in the ocean of awesome...


I hope everybody is well! I'll write about my current reading soon. Just trying to catch up a bit.

If you're reading this, the chances are you already know me and the last thing you want is to run into me in London. Well, if you live in the UK's capital, it's time to find an excuse to get out of it, because I will be visiting the Piccadilly branch of Waterstones on the last evening of September.

Here's the blurb:

"Join us for an evening of fascinating tales and fantastical worlds, as authors Peadar O’Guilin and Laure Eve discuss how traditional myths and folklore create hypnotic and engaging worlds in YA fiction. The event will be chaired by Waterstones Piccadilly favourite Katherine Webber."

Tickets are £3 -- that's you paying us, not the other way around!


My reading has crawled almost to a halt lately, mostly for reasons I can't discuss here. But a few stories have sneaked their way into my eyeballs.

First up, is The Graces by Laure Eve, who, you may have noticed will be appearing with me at the London event above. It's a beautifully written tale of subtle witchcraft and obsession. Looking forward to the sequel.

And speaking of sequels, I've started The Obelisk Gate, N.K. Jemisin's follow-up to last year's brilliant The Fifth Season. I'm crawling through it, due to... stuff, but it's great so far.

Finally, for my future reading pleasure, I have scored an ARC of Vic James's The Gilded Cage, which has people over on Goodreads raving about it. I look forward to raving a bit myself.


Nope. Not a thing. Just... too... busy...


Lots of great reviews continue to pour in about The Call. Here's a new one on the femminist website Etym. Looks good to me!


How're you?

Well, it had to happen eventually. The launch of The Call came and went. There I was, all full of myself, trips to New York and Blog Tours and famous authors returning my tweets...

And then, it just ends. Why, this morning, I had to queue up for coffee -- me! Like a normal person. The humiliations have only continued since then, I can tell you. I'm expected to pay my own tab and nobody has washed socks in this house for days and days.

So, I guess, I'd better return to my usual blog posts.


I always like collecting books by people I've met and I'm building up quite a stack of them! Probably time to play jenga with it.

First up was Jo Zebedees, engaging and swiftly-moving Inish Carraig. It's great fun and why wouldn't it be, with alien invasions and a mysterious new prison for those who get on the wrong side of our new masters? Poor John Dray! He gets a rather closer look at what's going on inside than anyone would want... You can find it here.

I've also started the BwB's very own J.R. Johansson's Cut Me Free. I'm really only at the start of it, but even here, to tell you anything of the plot would be to shower you with spoilers. But basically, a girl fleeing horrific abuse, needs to overcome her own PTSD in order to save somebody else. So far, it's very intriguing.


I know I saw something incredible recently, but I'm too shell-shocked by my return to normality to say what it is. What I do know, is that Narcos has returned to Netflix and I welcome it with great joy. Only two episodes in, it still makes for great TV. Let's see what happens next!


Well, I will give you one more piece of news related to The Call. In case you didn't already see it, I have an interview up today on Sci-Fi Bulletin. If you want the answer to such questions as why I wrote the book in the present tense, well, here you go!

I have the honour of being a guest on #SundayYA tomorrow, 3 September, 6pm BST (Ireland/UK). Tune in your twitter machines and join the discussion!

Bígí linn!


A Very Brief Launch Retrospective

A quick post here just to say thanks to everybody who came to the launch of The Call, especially, of course, Oisín McGann, Bella Pearson, Declan from Gill Hess and the fantastic crew of Department 51 in Eason.

But just as especially to everyone else! You made it a wonderful night whose memory I cherish to this very day ;)

Some of you travelled far. Some braved parking at rush hour in Dublin. Others brought chocolates and children to entertain and delight.

I apologise for the names I fluffed. Anybody who has known me long is aware how terrible I am with names and faces. I'd like to say I'll do better in future, but over time, it's the opposite that happens.

Take care, one and all!


Today is the big day!

The Call is now officially available everywhere. Whoever you are, I hope you'll consider buying a copy and that you'll love it more than anyone or anything else in your life. Soon you'll be buying more and more copies until the whole world is denuded of trees and...

Well, I've been known to exaggerate, but I am very happy with how things have gone so far and hugely grateful for the support of friends and family all over the world.

If you're around Dublin this evening, you're welcome to attend the official launch in Eason, O'Connell Street at 6:30pm. Please take some pictures :)


My Ask Me Anything on Reddit is Today!

This is just a quick reminder that I'll be answering questions on https://www.reddit.com/r/books today from 1pm EDT (that's 6pm in Dublin/London, 7pm Paris, Berlin etc.). I'll hang around for 2 hours if the questions keep coming.
Ask me anything!

You will need a reddit account, but it's the quickest sign-up I've ever seen. Less than a minute! Hope to see some of you there.


Holy Moly! Today is the day that friends from Alaska to Florida, from Newfoundland to California to Hawaii can finally purchase my new book, The Call. I am utterly grateful to anybody who does so. I can keep going at this game only because of the support of so many fine people in all parts of the world.

I'm also thankful to the army of reviewers and bloggers who took the time to do write-ups. There's a definite buzz in the air as a result of their hard work...

And, of course, we can't forget the staff at my publishers -- DFB in the UK, and Scholastic in the US. I blow kisses in all your many general directions and make absolutely no obscene gestures, not even behind my back or under the table!

The launch for the rest of the English-speaking world comes in two days...


A sample of the audio book can be listened to here.


A few new reviews came in today. Bart's Bookshelf gave The Call 5/5. Hurray for that!
The Blonde Bookworm says "I picked up the book one time and I never put it down again. It. Was. Awesome! Seriously, everyone needs to give this book a try."

On the other hand, I got my first 1* review on Amazon.com today. Not for issues of quality, but because the woman was appalled by it and didn't want her grandchildren reading it. Some you win and some you lose...


As part of my continuing blog tour for the release of the book, Howling Reviews allowed me to post a little article about Irish folklore and legends and how they relate to my novel. I really enjoyed doing that one!


It's happening on Thursday 1 September at 6:30pm in Eason on O'Connell Street, Dublin. Nibbles will be provided. Speeches will be short. Books will be plentiful with several authors on hand happy to provide signatures. ALL are welcome.


The Blog Tour Continues

The Blog Tour for The Call continues today with an interview I did for Bart's Bookshelf. You can read it here.

Hope you're all well. I'm growing increasingly nervous over publication date, but this is par for the course. Two days until it's on sale in North America and four until the rest of the world can buy it.

Mind you, there have been some fantastic reviews lately. Three of my favourites among the recent ones are StarBurst Magazine, Pretty Purple Polkadots and Other Worlds Than These. And there are many, many more! I've been very lucky, but only the public can decide if a book is to be successful or not. So, until then, my nails will take the brunt of my worry.

take care...


Barack Obama has done it, so, even though I'm only the second most powerful person in the world, I feel entitled to do one too. I'm talking about Reddit and its famous AMAs -- ask me anything.

The session starts on August 31 at 1pm EST/6pm Irish Time (BST), and add on another hour if you live in Western Europe. You know how it works.

Do your worst!

The Call will have been out for a single day in the US by then, and surely, surely the rest of the world will be quivering in anticipation of buying its own copies on 1st September?

Only time will tell!



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